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Anna Tyson

Founder of Desert Rebel: Originally from San Francisco, CA, Anna relocated to her new home in Joshua Tree, CA to explore, connect and create with her desert community of mavericks, artists and desert rats (long time locals) to collaborate on various creative endeavors.

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AKA DJ Mindpopper, is a Music and Graphic Design Artist who resides in Joshua Tree, CA. He brings to the team his eclectic style, production expertise and good vibes.

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Eric Hanserd

AKA E Solo: Born and raised in the “Concrete Jungle” of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, California I was subjected to many different things both negative and positive. Growing up in such an urban environment music played a big role in my life in making me who I am today because I was surrounded by it and absorb it just like the "air we breathe”. As a youth I can remember walking down the street with folks out an about hearing music ranging from Sam Cooke to Enigma. Through my high school years I was always technology savvy and I finally decided to combine technology with music in my senior year which led me to using my mom’s 2 turntable console. At this point 35 years ago is when I got in Dj-ing and I never looked back. Over the the years, combined with my business partner/Dj, Leslie Clark J aka DJ SPooN we have entertained folks throughout the West Coast and the Pacific North West under Concrete Culture Productions which we created back in 1995. 

2021= Music is Life,

E Solo 

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Leslie Clark Jr.


Born on the East Coast (VA) Navel Base Portsmouth, but raised in the streets of (FillMoe) San Francisco, California. Grew up in a time of good times, and violence that required me to be vigilant in my surroundings. Being the quiet kid in my neighborhood I didn’t do much “running’ in the streets not to mention a mom and dad who didn’t play. Sports pretty much was my outlet rather growing up with gangs who wanted to make it in life. However, some of the gang members I did know didn’t allow me to participate knowing I wasn’t gang member material, and knew I meant to do something else with my life. Not being the most savvy with folks my circle of friends were small. I, however, got to meet some cool people over time like my room mates, Santa Cruz family, business orientated friends, and 15 DJ/MC members Concrete Culture. The Concrete Culture is now down to its remaining 3. Thats myself, Eric E-Solo Hanserd, and Henry (Hank) Valdez. Concrete Culture has its other Entrepreneurial family members for example Tanya, Kamal, Con, and Anna (Desert Rebel). I’m the loudest, sometimes funny, can be the most sexiest, about my business, and I got YO back dude if you roll wit me. I am about family, and friends who got my back. I love the DJ scene, I luv the ladies (so long some don’t bug me), and I’m about living life. Final words- Live your life, not someone else’s. 

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