Anna Tyson, Owner and Artist of Desert Rebel: 

Jillian Sandell, Artist: is an artist and educator who lives in Joshua Tree with her partner and dog. You can reach her by email at and by Instagram at @morethanadequate.


Palimpsest Series

Each time I drive into Joshua Tree National Park I invariably think, “it’s like I’m here for the first time!” The weather, or time of year, or just my mood that day allows me to notice a different rock formation, or a new quality of light on the Joshua Trees, or the way the distant horizon meets the sky, or the newly blooming wildflowers. This highlights for me how every place is a palimpsest made up of layers of significance and resonance: some that are immediately evident and visible; others that are activated by my own state of being that day; and those that I need to learn how to see and understand because they are hidden or obscured. In these drawings, I take

an individual element that I observe on my visits (such as a single rock formation or section of a plant) and repeat it to reflect some of the possible ways it can be seen or understood, with one iteration colored to highlight the here and now of its viewing. The repetitive creative process of drawing echoes the repetition of my visits, with each variation – as with daily life – being both the same and different.

Rik Verlin Livingston, Artist: 

I originally hail from Kansas and my first jobs were ranching and farming. I soon

decided that painting and drawing were a whole lot less exhausting than ranching and farming. So I've made my living, for most of my life, in the field of art, rather

than the fields of Kansas.


As a kid, I answered an ad in the back of a comic book where you "Draw the Pirate," and took a correspondence course where you learn all about art (not!) Later, I got an Associate, Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art degrees, the last from the San Francisco Art Institute, a very old and respected establishment. None of those fine colleges asked me to draw a pirate, but I recently did, just for fun. 

I've taught at two San Francisco colleges. I've had three years of being Art Director for a 5,000 square foot art venue in the Haight Ashbury, and a year or two of doing the same for the biggest Boys and Girl's Club west of the mighty Mississippi. But mostly, I've just made art. And, wow, I'm still not tired of it! I moved to Southern California in 2006-2008, and enjoy spending time in both the High Desert and Coachella Valley. A "Desert Valley Star" interview of me was titled "Out of His Mind." I'm not sure if they meant that in a Zen "no-mind" sense or not, but I'll take it as a compliment. I like art that is unusual and fun. My favorite color is blue, but I'm an equal opportunity color applier. You can see more of my art at (NOT your typical artsite!)

Jennifer Ruggiero, Photographer and Artist: More to come soon....

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