Many shops close down for summer season in 29 Palms and since our hot temps have folks staying in or leaving town we have decided to not close our doors but just shorten our hours. BUT we are working hard to have more online shopping presence so stay tuned for more items available on our Etsy page.

Mon: Closed

Tue: Closed

Wed: Closed

Thu: 11am to 3pm

Fri: 11am to 3pm

Sat: 11am to 3pm

Sun: Closed

We are so excited to have been open now for 7 1/2 weeks. So many new faces and a bunch more to meet. And with the holidays here, we hope to see many more. We have our new December window display up and ready for the Christmas holiday. Come on in and say hi!

We are so excited to announce that our shop will officially be open 10/6/2018. We have been working so hard to bring you not just a shop, but an experience. A place you can go to find something unique, something that calls your name, or even just to get away and catch some good vibes. We welcome all people with open arms and friendly smiles into our homey shop. So mark your calendars folks, and follow us to stay in the loop. Also, we will be having a GRAND OPENING event (details to come later) and would love to meet you. If you are an artist, we welcome you as well and would love to display your beautiful pieces on our walls. Welp, that's all for now. Until next time and We hope you are having a great day!

All the best,

Desert Rebel

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